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Letter: Spineless Republicans caving to Dems

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Every elected official takes an oath to uphold the US Constitution to protect life and property from enemies foreign and domestic. Governor Little is not stopping Afghanistan's largely unvetted refugees and vaccine mandates. This puts us in danger. There are potentially jihad terrorists among the refugees. The tremendous number of illegal immigrants coming through the wide-open southern border will destroy America if not stopped soon! Globalists for decades have wanted the United States to become a third-world country. Their goal is a world government.

Daily, we see Saul Alinsky's “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to Lucifer (Satan), being promoted by liberal socialists/Marxists and much of the mainstream media. Alinsky's main rules are: Polarization to divide people; Demonization of those opposed to the Marxist/Socialist agenda and; Deception to use fake news and lies. The end justifies the means!

The spineless Republican establishment like Senator McConnell caving to Democrats created President Trump.

In Idaho, establishment Republicans dislike Constitutional conservatives (falsely called far-right extremists). Actually, constitutional conservatives like Lt. Governor McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings are politically in the middle of the political spectrum. Far right is anarchy and far left is Socialism, Marxism, fascism, Nazism and communism.

If the Republican party wants to prevent Idaho from turning blue, then they should support constitutional liberty candidates. Governor Little has been an authoritative dictatorial leader. He has violated his constitutional oath by violating our Bill of Rights. He needs to be replaced!

We are rapidly becoming a Socialist/Marxist hellhole. The Biden Administration is working to destroy our independence, our Bill of Rights, our economy, our energy, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our military and our culture.

Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Whether we live in liberty or slavery depends on us to support Constitutional principles. Consult to get informed.

A concerned citizen,

Adrian Arp



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