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Social Security and the Republican war on working people

The problems that the Social Security Trust Fund is having — and that it will long have — highlight the profoundly negative impacts of the Republican war against working people and the American middle class! By driving down wages so much over the last 40 years, Republicans have not only impoverished or badly hurt a large majority of American workers — they have also dramatically reduced payroll tax revenues taken in by the Social Security Trust Fund.

The Republican suppression of wages has cost the Social Security system well over $2 trillion, and the interest that could have been earned on those lost contributions would have easily added yet another three to $4 trillion to that fund.

So now Republicans want to use the results of that war against working people as an excuse to get rid of the Social Security system entirely or to downsize it so it is no longer relevant. Why? So they can force tens of millions of working people to keep working until they die and thus depress wages dramatically for everyone by doing that — just as Republicans have depressed wages dramatically by hiring many millions of illegal immigrants; by offshoring tens of millions of once good American jobs; by busting most of the unions that used to help workers improve their own wages and working conditions; and by blocking almost every minimum wage increase since 1981 which, not coincidentally, is when Ronald Reagan and his Republican and conservative southern Democrat — now nearly all conservative Republican — allies launched their all out war on working people in order to benefit their super rich Republican and conservative southern Democrat supporters.

John Dille


Animals don’t deserve abuse

I am very upset about an article I saw on Jan. 18. A man by the name of Brian Edwin Jensen allegedly killed a dog by not feeding or watering the dog, and had it tied up with a lead wire which killed him because he became so tangled up in it. He probably choked to death.

The neighbors said they fed the dog several times which was nice, but where were they when it became so tangled up? Did they turn him in at all, and if they did why was nothing done?

I am really upset because all he received was a misdemeanor for cruelty to animals. This dog was a living animal who did not deserve what was done to him.

I feel the man needs more punishment than a fine and a slap on his hand for what he did. I have two dogs, and there is no way they would be treated like that.

Carol McDade


Vote Labrador for governor

Raul Labrador has proven his promise, representing Idaho in Washington, D.C. I was excited when I saw Raul throw his hat in the ring for the western Idaho seat. Not only did he sound like a great conservative, he was Hispanic. Like it or not, Idaho has an incorrect image perception as being a racist state because of the whack jobs in northern Idaho. Nothing dispels the myth better than electing minorities when we can find conservative ones.

Raul largely takes the same stands as I do, except for predators; I’m a wildlife photo tour leader so I get screwed by all Idaho legislators on that one. He doesn’t do any milk toast positions like Kempthorn did. Since we are a huge Republican majority state, too often Democrats run as Republicans because it is the only game in town. We must be mindful of that. After years in D.C., he has proven to be the man he proclaimed when he ran.

Our other two candidates sound like fine men; however, Tommy Ahlquist did not support Trump and boasted about writing-in Marco Rubio. By writing-in Rubio, he effectively voted for Hilary. Thank God for the Electoral College, and to hell with the Never-Trumpers. I don’t know about you, but I want my governor to be pro-economy like Trump is; Ahlquist’s celebrity endorser is Trump-basher Mitt Romney. That is all I need to know.

I realize that many of us vote with the church; we must remember though Harry Ried didn’t work out so well. An ‘R” doesn’t necessarily mean conservative here.

Let’s stick with the proven conservative, Raúl Labrador.

Daryl L. Hunter


Sportsmen should vote Labrador for governor

I see the liberal special-interest groups are out in full force lying about conservatives again. The liberal groups are pushing a false narrative about Raul Labrador, sportsmen and public lands. The truth is, Raul Labrador has sponsored and co-sponsored several bills that have been aimed at keeping public lands open for everyone — that includes sportsmen.

So, my message to all sportsman this political season: If it seems like a message that is out of character, it’s more than likely a lie pushed by liberal special-interest groups worried about a true conservative for governor of Idaho. Raul Labrador has represented the 1st Congressional District of Idaho exceptionally well, and I look forward to Labrador continuing his legacy of keeping public lands public as governor of Idaho.

Jack Oyler


Little is saving us from Obamacare

After eight years of broken promises on Obamacare (Your costs will decrease. If you like your plan and doctor, you can keep it, etc.), Lt. Gov. Brad Little has set us free from the “Affordable” Care Act. Little just signed a state executive order allowing health insurance plans that aren’t restricted by the Obamacare mandates. We’ll have more choices and lower prices, and we’ll no longer have the federal government controlling what should be our own decisions on what kind of health insurance we want.

Julie Lynn


We don’t need a constitutional convention

Did you know that an Idaho call for a constitutional convention could completely destroy our present Constitution, including The Bill of Rights? Please ask your legislators to oppose all bills that call for a convention!

Appropriating more money for education will not solve our education crisis. A recent survey revealed that 44 percent of millennials favored socialism over free enterprise capitalism. Also, the United Nation’s Common Core education reform is being taught in Idaho schools. The UN promotes socialism with redistribution of our wealth.

What is needed is teaching of the great principles of liberty contained in the Constitution. The book, “The 5000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen, contains the 28 principles of liberty. It should be used to teach all Idaho students about the Constitution.

In 1787, the Founders included in the Northwest Ordinance that the Judeo/Christian religion, morality and knowledge were to be taught in schools. The Supreme Court, without precedence, banned Bible reading and prayer in public schools. The Founders did not want a government-sponsored religious denomination, but not a ban on Judeo/Christian teachings in our schools.

The planks of the American Communist Party recorded in the 1963 Congressional Record included: the destruction of the Judeo/Christian religion; to get control of the schools and use them as a transmission belts for socialist and communist propaganda; present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy”; infiltrate the churches (Communists do become ministers) to teach social justice and replace the holy Bible with pagan worship like the United Nation’s Gaia; discredit the family; encourage obscenity in the name of free speech, etc.

Much of the communist/socialist agenda comes from the United Nations through the Federal Department of Education. We must get out of the United Nations by passing HR 193.

We must return to our Judeo/Christian, constitutional republic foundation to restore liberty.

Adrian Arp


End the grocery tax

It’s time to end Idaho’s sales tax on food — joining 37 other states. Last year the Legislature passed a bill to do it, reflecting the majority opinion in Idaho. But Gov. Otter vetoed it.

The sensible first step this year is to hold a committee hearing, so legislators and citizens can re-address the issue in light of the veto. But House Speaker Bedke and Revenue and Taxation Chairman Collins have so far refused a hearing. This is wrong.

Working families bear the unfairness here. Ending this tax would immediately boost their buying power at check-out lines. It would also stop penalizing grocery stores in Idaho’s 25 border counties. Five of our neighbors don’t have this tax, so Idaho dollars cross the border rather than support Idaho stores.

From Gov. Otter down, I hear that Idaho needs to “thoroughly review” its tax system. I think this is another way of saying “never.” If Idaho wants to review the unfairness, counter-productive design and long-term instability of our tax system, the sales tax on food is a place to start.

Please, Speaker Bedke and Chairman Collins, allow a hearing on a tax change that the majority of your colleagues support.

Julia Page



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