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I attended the Canyon Rim Soccer tournament over the weekend to watch my granddaughter play. On Sunday afternoon, my wife and I (both 72 yrs old) could not find a parking spot anywhere near the field we were playing on, so I pulled to the edge of the dirt road between Xavier School and the soccer complex parking lot so that my daughter could drop us off and continue looking for a place to park.

A police officer pulled up behind us with his lights on, got out of his car and in an aggressive and belligerent tone told me I was parked illegally. I respectfully told him we were being dropped off and not parking. He continued to berate me that the signs posted said "No Parking At Any Time" and that I was clearly in violation. I had the distinct impression that he was really enjoying his position of authority and being able to bully an older man. It was a definite downer to an otherwise great day.

I would expect a public servant to show more respect to visitors and have more empathy for people trying to deal with difficult circumstances. I spent quite a bit of money in your city and expected better treatment. Shame on that officer. He should consider acting more like the motorcycle officer who on Saturday morning informed us that the complex parking lot was full and provided us options for finding alternate parking in a friendly and helpful way. What a sharp contrast.

Jerry Fisher


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