Folks in the Twin Falls area may be shocked to know what their allegedly conservative senator, Lee Heider, has been doing at the state capitol. Recently, as the chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, his shenanigans included continuing to keep locked in his drawer a bill —  SB1227 —  which would protect parents’ rights regarding their choice to exempt their children from vaccinations and keep their medical information confidential from meddling government agencies like the Department of Health and Welfare when putting their child into school or daycare.

Sen. Heider assured Sen. Dan Foreman, who agreed to carry the bill this year, that SB1227 would be on last Monday’s agenda; but of course, it never appeared. Heider pulled the same stunt last year, but also had agreed to carry the bill himself to insure that it would never leave his drawer and have a chance of being passed.

The good people that live in Twin Falls area might also want to know just how Lee Heider has been voting. According to the American Conservative Union’s Accuratings and the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index for last year, Sen. Heider votes for our freedoms and conservative values a mere 53-55 percent of the time. Wow! That sounds very much like he is voting as a liberal/progressive.

Jinny Peterson