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Letter: Response to Jim Jones

Letter: Response to Jim Jones

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In response to Jim Jones column calling Fox News a threat to Democracy.

For more than the first hundred years before and after adopting the Bill of Rights, newspapers were the mouthpieces of pollical parties, publishing and supporting opinions for politicians and their policies. Truth was in the eye of the reader. As technology and populations increased, the press adapted. A period of “Yellow Journalism” occurred starting a war with Spain. Much later, large media outlets were built on the country’s “Left Coasts” spouting predominately Democrat policies. This media bias was shown throughout the Obama presidency, called a “Slobbering Love Affair.” Even so, Obama’s policies caused the most Republicans to be elected in history and set the stage for Trump. The danger to our Republic is from the Jim Jones’s of the world that want to compromise a Free Press by a “Truth test” based on their opinions. Fox News is no more inaccurate than any left leaning media outlet. I see this current presidency possibly a repeat of 1993 and the 103rd Congress. Clinton was elected with large Democratic majorities in both houses. Clinton spent all of his political capital on Hillarycare or socialized medicine. Taxes and spending forever. They were ridiculed off the political stage that then launched the Republican Revolution. At that time the country’s total debt was smaller than the bills Biden is pushing. This country is not ready for Prime-Time Socialism.

Terry Platts



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