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Letter: Republicans aren't split

Letter: Republicans aren't split

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Recently I have read newspaper opinion pieces claiming that there is a terrible split inside the Republican party. To the contrary, the US House and Senate votes around Trump’s second impeachment displayed almost total unity in favor of the Bully-in-Chief. The few Republicans who dared to hold Trump accountable for the assault on the Capitol are the ones who are being treated like pariahs in their respective states. Trump remains in control of his party. The differences among his supporters look to me like a choice of aesthetics: play the role of swooning cheerleader like Lindsey Graham, or keep your mouth shut while marching in lockstep like Crapo and Risch.

What shall we name this new/old Republican Party? The Invertebrates? The KnowNothings? Monkey See Monkey Do? Regrettably, what seems most apt to me is the Old White Men’s Party. Beneath all the surface differences, what most of our elected Republican officials in Washington share is the wish to keep White men in positions of power. Remember the 2020 Republican Convention? They did not bother to write a platform. No proposals for boosting the economy, fighting the pandemic, alleviating poverty, or improving education. Just adore the Great Bully, hold onto power, and hate everyone who is different. Judging by the votes around the latest impeachment, this is all we can expect from Republicans in the current Congress.

Is this any way to run a country? I urge you Trump supporters, who “could never vote for a Democrat” to look at the proposals and actions coming out of the Biden administration. They are constructive and hopeful and practical. Don’t whine that Republicans are being locked out of decision making. They have locked themselves out.

Stephen Poppino

Twin Falls


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