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This disappointing legislative session is over. Instead of forgetting like we usually do, we must remember the enormous disappointment the majority of us who supported a full Medicaid expansion felt. Republicans spent the session not only trying to limit the expansion, which they did and Gov. Little approved, but then tried to knee-cap the initiative process we used to try to help others.

The only legislators supporting our wishes were the Democrats. Same on the national stage as Trump and the Republicans tried to abolish the Affordable Care Act.

Usually we forget how little our needs are met by the Republicans we elect. This time our memories must go long to 2020. All state legislators are up for re-election plus Risch, Fulcher and Simpson in 2020. Crapo is in 2022. Can we remember that long?

We must. We must look beyond the "R" after names. Let's remember it was the Democrats who fought for our wishes and needs at both the state and national levels. They cared about our health and also about higher wages, student loan debt, infrastructure, family leave and affordable day care, among other things important to us. Vote them in for a change.

Dallas Chase


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