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Letter: Potato cellars want to expand - they shouldn't

Letter: Potato cellars want to expand - they shouldn't

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Three years ago, Eagle Eye applied to the Twin Falls County P&Z to approve its application for two commercial potato cellars for a group of potato growers some out of the area to store their potatoes on 3300 E in the Twin Falls City area of impact. There were two nights of hearings that lasted over seven hours, and P&Z correctly voted their application down 7-0 for 10 different reasons, one of which was Eagle Eye invalidated their own application, this use did not comply with the Comprehensive Plan, this did not fit in the area, there was no public notice to name a few. Then it went to the Twin Falls County Commissioners who overturned P&Z’s ruling 3-0.

Now, Eagle Eye wants to put in two additional potato cellars. Now, they do not want to have any hours of operation so they can run their trucks 24 hours a day for the months of August, September and October. Now, there are three new homes with young children built across the street in Kimberly’s area of impact with another house due later in the year with more young children.

The Twin Falls Highway District has never done a study to see what the impact of the first amount of trucks have on the road, which is less than 1/4 mile to the intersection of 3300 & 3700, where people have been killed & injured in car/motorcycle accidents, let alone the impact of the additional trucks as a result of the second cellars will have.

During the first hearings, homeowners asked about future cellars and were told that was not relevant. But here we are again! For any homeowners or interested parties in the area, please attend the Twin Falls County P&Z hearing on Thursday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m.

Jill Skeem



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