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Letter: Politics are in a bad place

Letter: Politics are in a bad place

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Recently Judge Napolitano explained his conversation with Justice Scalia regarding the second amendment. He deliberately left out Justice Scalia's final statement which was "all rights can be regulated." I interpreted that as they should be regulated by Congress and not by the judiciary unless Congress refuses to act.

In my 61 years as a Republican, I have never seen the stupidity being shown by the GOP members of Congress and the various state legislatures. The acceptance of Trump's lies saying he won the election and it was stolen is equivalent to accepting the fact that bison and elk can fly.

The Idaho legislature has demonstrated incompetence by members getting covid-19 when the simple act of wearing a mask would have protected them. They have wasted taxpayers' money this session with the silliest discussions and bills that they wanted ignoring their constituents' needs. We need a law that gives them 93 days to do their job. After that, if they did not finish they will not be paid any more nor receive per diem. If they choose to leave with unfinished business then the public will get to vote on all outstanding bills. The first week the public can add amendments and the second week is voting online.

J.R. Breisch

Twin Falls


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