After last year's heavy winter, I read that our city accepted a bid of $9 million to repair the damage to the streets and fill all the potholes. I personally thought that was a bit excessive, but I know nothing about constructing and repairing roads.

I do, however, know what a repaired pothole should at least look like; and since my tax dollars helped fund the repairs to our roads, I would like to invite our City Council as well as whoever is in charge of the repairs to drive on Eastland and Pole Line roads.

Last week someone with some hot tar and gravel "fixed" the potholes. I don't know what kind of quality controls there are for road repairs — maybe there is a menu like I see at the car wash. I don't think we need the Super-Deluxe-Formula-1-Racetrack-Worthy selection; but for $9 million, I expected to at least get the Smooth-It-Out-With-a-Shovel-and-at-Least-Make-it-Level quality of road work. So, City Council and whoever was delegated the task of overseeing our road repairs, please go on a nice drive and take a look. But watch the road — you don't want to hit one of the "repairs."

Mark Lambert

Twin Falls