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Letter: Our enemies are licking their lips

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If Americans were worried about something besides what bathroom to use, with the loss of Afghanistan, they would have noticed there is a major shift in the world’s overall economic condition, the geo-politics, or who controls most of the world’s resources.

There is a collective forming between the Red China, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar with their own banking industry, which will include other major countries who can, and will control, in the next 20 to 50 years, nearly all the world’s resources.

It shouldn’t take a PhD in Economics to see where this will lead.

This could have been different if the US had treated the Russian Federation as an ally, which the Russians wanted, and treated Red China as a dangerous enemy which it is. But short-term profit (greed) won out over smart business and political practices.

Without meaningful change, the US will continue its plunge into the economic abyss. Afterall, all the military equipment left in Afghanistan must be replaced and this Green New Deal will weaken the USA beyond any point of recovery. Our enemies are licking their lips.

There will be a New World Order, that’s a given, but not like many believe. With the looming of this economic powerhouse in the East, we can expect a shift of western Europe towards the East and the eventual collapse of NATO which will isolate the United States and the British Empire.

The United States seems incapable of understanding what makes the world turn, so, we’ll fight more CIA sponsored “cold” wars until we’re nothing but a burned-out third world colony under the rule of some higher and mightier colonizer, probably Red China.

Mark Schuckert

Twin Falls


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