Some of our legislators want to change Idaho’s current sex education law and take out most of the language relating to home and family and all references to church. They say it is “antiquated.”

The change would also remove a major emphasis of the current law, which is to provide sex education to our children in a manner and context that strengthens the family in our culture and fosters individual responsibility. It would focus instead on the anatomy and physiology of human reproduction.

Yet I believe the problems we face in schools and in our cultural environment today — depression, suicide, gangs, pornography, violence, sexual harassment, unwanted teen pregnancies, etc. — are best addressed by and the solutions found in the home, family, and church. In fact, the root of these problems is our having removed the sanctity of life, sex, marriage, home, family and church from our educational system and instead teaching our children they are nothing but a collection of molecules and DNA.

I do not see a problem with a law that emphasizes helping young people cultivate good values, control sex drive, and understand sex in relation to the miracle of life. Just because the content of what’s taught might seem old doesn’t automatically make it wrong or irrelevant. Many truths taught in our schools are old.

Maybe the real fix needed here is for our schools to actually provide sex education in a manner that respects the intent of our “antiquated” law. Let’s not forget our Creator, the moral lawgiver, in this equation. When we give our children sex education that focuses on the anatomical and physiological but ignores spiritual and moral truths, we can expect dysfunction. And we can’t be surprised when it produces the type of societal problems we are facing today.

Robert Moore