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Thank you for Art & Soul of Magic Valley

Congratulations, Magic Valley Arts Council, for a most successful 9th annual Art & Soul of Magic Valley — a public-voting art contest and appreciation event under the leadership team of Carolyn White, Melissa Crane and volunteer chairwoman Nikki Halverson. If art is one of the few ways to run away from home without leaving home, then hundreds of local residents and visitors alike enjoyed a mini-vacation created by the visual arts sprinkled all over town from April 12 to 27.

The Magic Valley Arts Council — with the coordinated assistance of a bountiful assortment of volunteers, sponsors, business venues and more than 300 artists — featured a delectable visual feast from animals formed from re-purposed materials to masterpieces in miniature created by children and adults alike. The foot traffic to see the artwork in 106 venues around our community generated a mini burst of economic excitement and comments like “I never dreamed there were so many talented people in the area,” or “I had no idea this business existed until now.”

Founders of the event, Art and Bonnie Hoag, are champions of local art as an emerging vital force in rural areas like ours as it melts polarization and unites people together, creates economic opportunities that link innovation to increased tourism and improves the quality of life for everyone in deeply personal ways. Art & Soul simply makes springtime in the Magic Valley more fun and invigorating.

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