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Here I go again, letting my conscience get the better of me. I just read the letter to the editor from a reader responding to Tom Skeem's letter regarding the movie "Three Billboards" and all the foul language used ... MY GOODNESS! WHY was it necessary to respond in such a demeaning, sarcastic mean-spirited reply? If you didn't agree with Mr. Skeem, why not just say that and point out the strong points you felt the movie had. Why not leave all the anger out?

In the words of a young Kentucky high school student — immediately after the killing of two classmates and injuring many more — when asked by a reporter what his town needed most right now, without hesitation he answered "We need each other."

"And from the mouths of babes." We need each other.

We need less hate; we need less anger; we need more understanding — we need each other, and we need to remember that.

Pamela Murphy



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