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Letter: Move on from Trump

Letter: Move on from Trump

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November 3rd was Election Day in the USA. Millions of voters cast their ballots early. Millions more voted in person that day. All without the slightest whiff of foul play. Since then, election workers have tallied the votes conscientiously and honestly. On Saturday the 7th, news agencies called Biden as the winner of the presidential race, based on the vote tallies. Biden and his team have expressed their eagerness to move our country forward in a spirit of unity. Meanwhile, Trump refuses to concede, and keeps doing what he does best: sow discord. He has sent lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits questioning the election results. So far, all of these suits have been rejected by intelligent, fair-minded judges, because Trump’s men offer allegations of malfeasance but not one shred of evidence.

It is time for all U.S. citizens who believe in democracy, decency, and the rule of law to speak out. Contact Idaho’s congressional delegation and insist that they stand up to Trump for once in their careers. He lost. The country needs to move on.

Stephen Poppino

Twin Falls


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