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Letter: Letter to Sen. Heider

Letter: Letter to Sen. Heider

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It appears that Senator Vick is displeased with the initiative on Medicare. While some of us do not support that particular issue, this particular issue cannot be the cause of attempting to shut down the process by which the citizens can have a voice in government. The assumption that those elected have a right to supersede the opinions of others, that is the election does not make the winner better than those who voted for or against the Senator.

Following is the letter written to Senator Heider, our representative, and the others on the committee.

To: The Honorable Senator Heider

Re: Senator Vicks Bill restricting the Initiative Process

The bill to make the initiative process more difficult flies in the face of democracy, in the face of representative government, and in the face of representation.

Since this bill is in committee, the best action to take at this time is to kill the bill before it goes any further.

On the chance that this letter will be read and not categorized as yes or no, I would like to provide a few additional thoughts.

• The initiative process is in place to allow opportunities for the citizens of Idaho to oppose ideas put forth by the legislature that are opposed to the values that we, the voters, consider beyond our best interests.

• The initiative process is in place to allow opportunities for the citizens of Idaho to put forth new and creative ideas which for one reason or another are not being entertained by the legislature.

• The initiative process is in place to allows the legislators to know the values and thoughts of their constituents.

I do hope that you will act in a way as to preserve the current initiative process.

Walter R. Carson

Twin Falls


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