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We were driving through your area on April 4 and picked up your paper. On the front page was a story about Bob Nonini’s notion that abortion should be a crime, and the woman should be prosecuted for murder — and get the death penalty.

That would be a terrible idea for many reasons. Here are two:

First, he did not mention that the father should face the same penalty. After all, the father was there at the start of the “crime.” He very likely did not propose marriage, nor did he offer to pay for the child ‘s expenses, nor did he try to talk the woman out of the abortion.

He is just as guilty of the “crime” as the driver of the getaway car in a bank robbery where someone else in the gang killed the bank guard, so the driver is charged with murder, too.

Second, the bigger reason is that Mr. Nonini wants to impose his deeply held religious beliefs on others with different beliefs. (The Taliban feels the same way.) Perhaps he should write a law that outlaws birth control, too, (except the unreliable rhythm method) that would be consistent with Catholic law. Of course that would put most of the people in the U.S. in jail — most Catholics as well.

Religious freedom means Mr. Nonini is free to practice his religion and to encourage others to join him. It does not mean he can start killing mothers and fathers because they do not agree with him.

We should leave this abortion issue for God to resolve on judgement day.

Tom Long

Mount Vernon, Wash.


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