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I was planning to write how Otter and his corrupt cronies are trying to steal our public lands to sell or lease to major contributors, but then I read Friday’s paper. The long article about our elected morons in Boise removing all comments in science classes regarding human activity being one of the causes of climate change raised me out of my wheelchair as if I had sat on a pitchfork.

The denial of elementary science is either for political reasons or because they all majored in stupidity and received an A+. What these overpaid incompetents are doing is poisoning the minds of students with lies of omission, and is a mental molestation. The amount of scientific knowledge being denied by the morons in Boise is galling. Come November we need to elect those persons who are in touch with reality and represent us not the outsiders who are the current puppet masters.

J.R. Breisch

Twin Falls


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