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The political season is upon us! I am announcing that I will be running for another term as Twin Falls County Commissioner for District 1.

Currently, four of the nine elected officials have less than 18 months of experience with the county. I have the experience and the institutional knowledge that needs to be passed on to these new leaders. This is a two-year term. This two-year time-frame will allow for a smooth and complete transfer of this knowledge to these new officials to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the county.

I am a fourth-generation Twin Falls County citizen. I have worked all my life to improve my community. I still have that passionate desire to serve the people of this county in my position as a commissioner.

Twin Falls County is currently a leader in economic development, financial stability and community cooperation. This has created an environment that gives our citizens an ability to prosper and a location offering a great quality of life.

I would appreciate your support in the upcoming May election.

Terry Kramer



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