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Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been working on the Iran Nuclear Deal unauthorized. Was he prompted by Obama in order to salvage his (Obama's) miserable legacy? Obama "gave the farm away." As the deal was negotiated, the Iranian mullahs now have massive amounts of cash with which to export terror throughout the Middle East and beyond.

As I write this, there may be transport on the way home with casualties, some of whom were probably victims of Iranian-supplied roadside bombs or other ordinance. (I have had occasion to evacuate and return fallen heroes in another war, and it was always a sad experience).

In my opinion, Obama worked diligently to dismantle our Republic but we survived! He ushered in the era of political correctness and was reluctant to identify acts of terror, instead opting to call it "workplace violence!" (Fort Hood)

Unfortunately, we probably have not seen or heard the last of Obama and his cronies.

I hold out the hope that the Obamas and Clintons will shut up, fold their tents and quietly disappear. They have done enough damage.

And, I hope the Benghazi disaster will haunt Hillary Clinton and Obama like a "dead chicken" tied around their necks.

Jim Conder



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