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My opinion on gun rights has evolved from common sense measures to, reluctantly, the outlawing of all gun manufacturing and ownership in the United States. It is unfortunate that we find ourselves at the precipice of losing our right to bear arms. Unfortunate, because were it not for Wayne LaPierre and the NRA, the citizenry and leadership of this nation — left to its own mind — would have devised a balanced gun policy years ago that thwarted mass killings while protecting our right to own a weapon.

I anticipate you may be thinking “Wait, what? I’m going to have my hunting rifle taken from me?” Yes, that is my prediction, because if a born-and-bred Idahoan like me has moved to such an extreme position, then you can be sure there is a tsunami of public opinion building against the legal ownership of weapons in this country.

Extremism — think NRA — begets extremism — think me and probably a whole lot of exasperated parents who have had an earful of thoughts-and-prayers from leadership and wonder when their kid will be shot down in cold blood.

Mike Crapo and Mike Simpson, you should be ashamed for not leading on this issue.

Joe Kimbro

Idaho Falls

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