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Every 4th of July, Hobby Lobby publishes advertisements claiming that our founders always intended the United States government to be officially Christian. However, the Hobby Lobby ad is deliberately misleading due to selective editing and dropping of context. The Freedom from Religion Foundation documents these deceptions at its website at ffrf.org/hlr/HobbyLobby.html.

Most quotes require rather lengthy explanations to show the entire context with proper analysis. One short example is the first in the Congress section, “We are a Christian people … not because the law demands it …” This statement from one person’s testimony to a congressional hearing simply observes that Christianity was the predominant religion of the population, not officially established. That hearing itself was one of several attempts in the 1850’s to abolish congressional chaplains entirely.

Hobby Lobby’s controlling family campaigns to make the U.S. government a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. What does it say about them that they resort to misleading and deceptive arguments to do so?

Humanists of Idaho promotes separation of church and state, as well as fellowship, education and moral support for secular, humanistic Idahoans.

Patricia Acks, Josh Bernard, Karen Sesek, Dottie Lore, Paul D. Rolig

Humanists of Idaho Board of Directors

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