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After reading the recent article by Rep. Hartgen stating how he and the party are fiscally responsible, I understood why it was written and not a speech. He would have been unable to keep a straight face in front of an audience.

Fiscal incompetence is more accurate.

Having spent more than half of my adult life in red states (North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky), I have seen true fiscal responsibility. Their schools don't have to depend on bonds to operate. This form of hidden taxation would have resulted in voters throwing their elected out of office faster than a speeding bullet. Those states understand the need to honestly have taxes to fully support education and infrastructure which is beyond our elected morons' ability. Our education budget needs to be tripled at a minimum, and infrastructure requires at least a five-fold increase. Idaho is battling for last place in per-student funding, and Idaho spends less than $0.15 per person on infrastructure with the national average of $0.45. (2015 figures) On Idaho's income tax form there are a number of check boxes you can select to donate your refund. These are all organizations which the the state should be funding, but, again our elected morons would prefer to run around proclaiming "We are conservative."

What is very disturbing is my fellow Republicans appear to have lost their B. S. detectors and this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate between fact and crap. Both Hartgen's fiscally responsible comments and Sen. Crapo's endorsement of the tax cut for the wealthy and big business, laughingly called tax reform, would have set the B. S. detector alarms off.

J.R. Breisch

Twin Falls

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