I recently visited the Twin Falls County Clerk's office to fill out what is called the Idaho Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form. It took me less than a minute to fill it out. And just like that, I became a registered Republican. Now I can participate in the election process in Idaho.

Don't misinterpret my intentions. I haven't changed the way I feel about government, abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage, prayer in the schools or any other hot-button issue. I just want to have a say in who becomes our elected officials.

Because the Democratic Party has effectively evaporated in this state, I am left no other choice but the one I've taken. Had I not registered as a Republican, I'd only get to vote for either Balukoff or Jordon, who are both running for governor, and for Fox or Swisher, who are both running for Congress. The Democrats, as of now, have no one running for lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer or superintendent of public instruction.

In a word, whoever wins in the Republican primary on May 15 will undoubtedly be elected in November. If you want to have a voice in the upcoming election, you must register as a Republican; and you only have until March 9 to do so. Please visit the clerk's office on the second floor of  County Office Building West (formerly St. Luke's hospital) and join me in making a difference. I don't want to wake up on May 16 and find out Raul Labrador's going to become our next governor.

David Woodhead

Twin Falls