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I’m writing to express my support of Marsy’s Law for Idaho. This is a proposed constitutional amendment for our state that would strengthen the rights of crime victims throughout the criminal justice process.

Most people can identify the rights of accused criminals, known as Miranda rights. But can you identify the rights of a crime victim? These include the right to be heard, the right to be notified, the right to reasonable protection.

As a mother of a daughter victimized by an offender, I understand and appreciate the need to update and elevate the rights afforded crime victims. Some believe we’ve done enough for crime victims, but truth is we can and should do more. Others have criticized the effort because implementing Marsy’s Law brings a cost. But a recent economic study determined those costs to be minimal.

The Idaho Sheriff’s Association, the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, and the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence have thrown their support behind Marsy’s Law for Idaho.

I call upon our representatives to get behind and support this law in the upcoming session. This is a non-partisan issue that should not be defined by party lines. It’s time the rest of us got on board. I’m encouraging all readers to call our legislators to let them know it’s time to support Marsy’s Law for Idaho and do more for crime victims.

Mya Goodman

Twin Falls

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