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I made a trip to Boise recently, and last week I went to Idaho Falls. It was like driving through the county land fill — the road side was so littered going both ways. Trash and actual bags of garbage, plus every few feet it seemed was part of a recapped tire.

I am so disheartened at the way this beautiful state is being taken care of by some who live here. I am ashamed and would be embarrassed for any one driving through Idaho to see how sloppy we are at taking care of all the beautiful country we have been blessed with.

Why are we so disrespectful of almost everything? There are garbage cans at the rest areas and gas stations — heck, everywhere you go.

I don’t know what can be done to curb this, other than people showing some pride and taking their garbage and disposing of it properly.

But I also don’t understand why we can’t put some of the low risk prisoners and the able-bodied on welfare, who are not working, to work on this project. (No work/no pay). I know lots may disagree with me. But I do know when you are doing something productive, you always feel better about yourself.

Ron Price

Twin Falls

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