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Idaho Education Association members should drop their membership. After all of the mayhem that has taken place towards a high number of members, all due to the lack of support from the region directors who have sold out a number of members by failing to properly represent their dues-paying members, they will be without or are now without jobs because these region directors failed to perform their duties.

Members who pay their high dues each month and work in all fields of the schools, with the exception of management/administration positions, have not been represented correctly by their paid IEA staff. Instead they have been thrown under the bus and left without the representation that they should have been provided.

Wake up IEA members, unless you are in the good graces of these paid IEA staff members, they will sell you short and do nothing to help you no matter what. Time to resign as members and maybe the IEA staff will perform their duties.

With our state facing serious shortages in teachers, why on earth would an IEA staff person allow our wonderful and outstanding teachers to put out without jobs. Far too many are facing this problem this year. Stop playing games, IEA region directors, and do your job. You have your job because of members. Represent your members and fight for them.

Wake up Idaho Education Association staff and region directors. You need to stop failing your members. Protect and represent all your members fairly and not just your selected few.

Gerrardo Vasquez


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