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If you haven’t heard, Congress is talking about legalizing banking for pot sellers. They are trying to accommodate an industry that promotes a federally illegal drug.

The SAFE Banking Act is a backdoor approach to legalization of weed. It will allow billions of dollars to pour into the Corporate Marijuana industry to poison our kids and communities by legalizing banking for the pot industry.

This would be legitimizing weed businesses and everything that comes with it—it’s a shady business associated with crime, cartels and social wreckage. Why would our Congress give pot pushers the same benefits as legitimate businesses?

The legalization of weed has been opposed by every major medical association because of its many known health and mental health consequences. The latest count for vaping related deaths has climbed to 39 in the U.S., and vaping illnesses to 2,051, with evidence pointing to vaping oils containing THC as the main culprit.

Take a look at the states around Idaho. Legalization of marijuana has led to budget deficits, youth crime, DUI increases; more needs and higher burdens for law enforcement. More problems, more crime, and a loss of way of life. Their emergency rooms report a huge increase of youth experiencing THC poisoning from gummy bears, food and drink packaged with cartoon characters and children’s games. Who do you think “marijuana businesses” are targeting with this marketing?

Senator Crapo needs to hear loud and clear that Idaho doesn't want to be a pot state. The SAFE Banking Act paves the road for the pot industry, supporting and encouraging big marijuana to grow and operate until it fills every corner of the U.S. Sen. Crapo should instead be building walls to discourage big marijuana, setting up road blocks at every possible turn, in an effort to stop the normalization of marijuana.

We want Sen. Crapo to represent Idaho instead of trying to accommodate a drug culture that is overtaking U.S. communities.

Jim Bob Infanger


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