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Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t strike just the elderly. The 200,000 Americans diagnosed with dementia before age 65 need services like in-home care, transportation and caregiver support.

Advocates working with the Alzheimer’s Association have asked members of Congress to cosponsor the Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Act. This bipartisan proposal would amend the Older Americans Act to serve these families too, through our Area Agencies on Aging.

I am hopeful that Reps. Simpson and Fulcher and Sen.s Crapo and Risch will cosponsor this needed legislation. Fulcher, in fact, is a new member of the committee that must approve it. Simpson has been a past Alzheimer’s champion, and we look for him to continue to support this critical legislation.

Here in Blaine County, we lost a beloved Ketchum City Council member, Christina Potters, to Younger Onset Alzheimer’s. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s and now serve as a volunteer educator and Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador to CD2 here in Idaho, and I know the heavy burden that families carry.

All our members of Congress should continue to actively support policies that address Alzheimer’s disease as the national public health crisis it is. Please join me in urging our congressmen to support and approve this vital legislation.

Gini Ballou


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