I am a proud veteran but no longer a Republican. I am now unaffiliated. I can no longer belong to a party that can elect a clown like Trump.

Frump Trump and the clowns in his troupe are the biggest disaster to hit this country since the Vietnam War. He supports people who abuse and denigrate women. Frump Trump lies like a rug, is a racist, belittles all who are not Caucasian and cannot hold a thought for more than five minutes without his daily excursions into fantasize land.

Frump Trump has traveled more in 60 days on the taxpayers' dime than Obama did in eight years!

Our president is in the Russians' pocket. A good example is the fact that he will not execute the sanctions voted in by 98-2 by the United States Senate. He is trying to weaken the FBI and Justice Department. Who wins from all this? Russia! Why the GOP stands behind this man dumbfounds me. Enough of this idiot and his C.O.P backers. 

All the people in Idaho should thank the state of Mississippi. In the last ranking of the 50 states that I saw — which included wages, health care, education, etc., etc. — Idaho ranked second from the bottom. Yes, thank Mississippi.

Idaho should have the best health care in the country. We need to ask our politicians why not! Why not have the best education system in the country? Why not!

Do good, people, and don't rubber-stamp any party. Think: What is good for the people of Idaho? Let's stand for something good! Health care, education, etc. We should be No. 1!

Thank you for my rant. I just could not stand it any more.

John Scarlett