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I've been very disturbed at the recent news coming from our southern border. The conditions of the camps that refugees and other immigrants are being placed in concerns me greatly. Whether or not their immigration is legal, they deserve to be treated with dignity as human beings.

The continued removal of oversight and the transfer of immigrants to military facilities does not, therefore, look good. This harkens back to the era of Japanese concentration camps, a black spot on our nation's history. We shouldn't repeat that.

I request clarification on Sen. Crapo's, Sen. Risch's and Rep. Simpson’s stances in relation to these camps and the conditions therein. I also request that my elected officials demand more oversight and transparency on their activities so that we can judge whether or not conditions are as horrific as many claims make them out to be. I look forward to Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Simpson making their views known.

Joshua Bridges


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