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I’m a Republican. It’s time to do something about guns

I am conservative by nature — I believe in moderation and trying to abide by a set of values instilled in me by my parents. I believe that personal liberty must be protected from the tyranny of political rulers, as well as the tyranny of society at large.

I have been conservative politically by choice for most of my life — I turn 81 in a few weeks — because I believed that conservative politics best protected the principles of personal liberties that this nation was founded on.

However, I am becoming embarrassed, even ashamed, to wear the label of “conservative” any longer. When we are a part of a society, we must give up a certain part of our natural liberty and accept civil liberty to preserve that society as a whole.

An assault rifle is a military weapon that is used to kill people. We can listen to all the justifications for owning such a weapon, but we must remember that it is designed and used to kill people. And children will die. Our politicians in Washington will dither and feed us pap and double-talk — so they don’t offend the NRA with its votes and election donations — and do nothing meaningful. And children will die.

I believe that a rational, mature person must have the right to do whatever he or she wants to do, as long as he or she brings no harm to anybody else. But because of the potential harm, assault rifles should not be manufactured for, sold to or possessed by anybody outside of the military.

Let’s hope we have some politicians left in Washington who have the moral courage and honesty to stand by their principles and will truly represent the majority of the people in this country. If they do not, more children will die.

Jack Goodman



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