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What we will never know! The senselessness of children being murdered in their school has troubled and wounded my soul. The anguish felt by the children’s parents and families must be beyond anything I am able to describe. I am troubled because the murders may have been preventable. I am troubled by what we will never know. We will never know what greatness might have sprung from any one of the children or their children and descendants and that is now a loss to each of us.

We will never know if there would have been a great healer, scientist or researcher among them. We will never know if we lost a great statesman with the ability to bring peace and understanding. We will never know if there was a great poet, writer, musician or composer among them. We will never know if there was one among them who would have solved a long standing mystery that would have benefited all humankind. We will never know if there was a teacher or professor who would have stretched the limits of minds and inspired others to greatness. We will never know if there would have been giant leaders of technology, industry and business among them. We will never know how much we lost when the children were murdered.

I weep for the families of the children lost; but I also weep for us, for we have all lost. We lost possibilities for the future and our world. Sadly, we have all participated in these losses because we have failed to demand actions from those who are in position to act. We are losing a piece of our soul to those who place profit and position above life and the possibilities for our future. How many additional losses can we tolerate?

The murdered were not just someone else’s children. They belonged to all of us. How much more can we take before we demand “no more?" I grieve for what we and the world will never know.

Donald Hammond



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