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At what number of deaths from the insane use of weapons of war against our civilian population will our elected politicians in Washington act to curtail the slaughter? Will it be fifty a week? A hundred? Is there a number? Sen. Mike Crapo, Sen. Jim Risch, Rep. Russ Fulcher, Rep. Mike Simpson, is there a point when you will choose to act independently from the herky-jerky noise issuing from the White House?

I'm sure it is some comfort for the families of the victims in these mass shootings to know that you hold them in your thoughts and prayers, but assault rifles are still being manufactured and sold and they will kill again. An assault rifle is a military weapon that is designed only to kill people. It should be, it must be illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess anywhere outside the military. This, of course, is not the final answer to the violent insanity that is besetting our nation, but it will help us in the right direction and furnish us with immediate mitigation.

And you, Congressmen from Idaho, can be the vanguard of that return to reason. Dare to put aside for the moment the politi-speak that you think will help you hold on to votes. Do what you know is right. Don't wait for the right appetite. Speak loudly and clearly, "We have reached that number."

Jack Goodman


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