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Letter: Hartgen attack on Giddings is sickening

Letter: Hartgen attack on Giddings is sickening

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Hartgen attack on Giddings is sickening

Stephen Hartgen’s Times-News article on May 9, 2021, launched a brutal attack on Idaho State Representative Priscilla Giddings and others about the Von Ehlinger issue. He repeatedly called those who robustly “support and defend” the Constitution and Bill of Rights, fanatics. This charge is completely unwarranted, in fact, it’s sickening. If any of our legislatures deserve “expulsion” based upon integrity issues, let’s start with a whole raft of Idaho legislators, some in Magic Valley, who have Constitutional voting records worse and AOC.

Legislators, listen-up, it’s a representative’s responsibility, their duty, to question the unquestionable, to see justice done not based upon media persecution and or some nebulas likeable/unlikeable quotient, but by rule of law. And “rule of law” is what was questioned, not guilt or innocence of the person.

For simply exposing, the obvious lack of “Due Process,” in the Von Ehlinger case, Rep. Giddings has been ridiculed, threatened, and told she is next to be purged from the legislature. This is bull. I applaud her courage.

In case the legislature has forgotten, which many have, regardless of guilt or innocence, every citizen of this country has the right to Due Process, if not, every one of us could easily be standing in front of a kangaroo court. If we do not stand with Giddings and other likeminded legislators, revolutionary-like purges could easily ensue.

For those who don’t know her, Representative Giddings is an U.S. Air Force warrior with a 1,000 combat missions and our state legislature blow her off like she’s nothing! She’s remarkable. She carries the U.S. Constitution in one hand and the Bill of Rights in the other. What we need in this state, is more of her and less of what we have.

Mark Schuckert

Twin Falls


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