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An Idaho friend has a precocious daughter who runs like the wind and enjoys climbing trees. We’ve aptly nicknamed her Firefly. Firefly has a fascination for ladybugs and likes to inspect them with her magnifier before they buzz off hypersonically. Once, she spied a pink ladybug outside a coffee shop, which dozens of tall passersby missed.

Firefly and I are holding a contest between us to see which state has more ladybugs — Pennsylvania or Idaho. So far the Gem State is leading; if I get more outdoorsy, I feel the Keystone State might pull ahead, although I reckon it would be fair to count her pink ladybug as ten points.

Besides lovely ladybugs, Firefly and I share tales about butterflies and hummingbirds. I told Firefly about some splendorous white monarchs fluttering out of Spring Mills, Pennsylvania. Now I want to send her some hovering hummingbird photos. An unexpected thing about the hummingbird photos I caught was the stern look on their faces. I suppose I’d be serious, too if, as an elite flying athlete, I wasn’t sure where my next meal was coming from because someone neglected to fill their bird vitamin feeder.

I sent Firefly a science article about how important this is, to keep hummingbird feeders maintained. Moreover, it’s equally important to rinse the bacteria from feeders in between fill-ups to prevent hummers from becoming ill. This could further explain the stern look on their faces we’ve seen before they tank-up for a night in the trees.

Following our most recent ladybug tally-up, young Firefly asked if I had any more interesting insect insights. I gave her a riddle: “What did the guy firefly say to his girlfriend when twilight loomed?” Firefly lit up, tickled pink, and said, “You glow, Girl!”

Jim Banholzer

Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

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