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For years, children with autism have been bullied because of their disorder that impairs their ability to interact and communicate with others. As educators, we are taught that every child is different. Not every child develops in the same way, but every child deserves to have access to high-quality education.

Some people think that other children are the bullies, but sometimes teachers can be bullies as well. Teachers should be supportive of all children, disability or not. There are some teachers who believe that children with autism can be hard to handle or impossible to teach. They don’t give them the support the child needs in order to develop.

What you are doing by not supporting the child is hurting them and their learning. They are not impossible to teach, with the right attitude and training. They need teachers who are supportive and have the right training. They need teachers who can adapt their lesson plans and classroom environments for their needs and any other child's needs.

Schools should provide different learning experiences for teachers to help them find ways to support children with disabilities. Schools should provide professional trainings regarding the teaching of autistic children.

Children are our future. They should all get the education they deserve with teachers who can support their learning and development. How can we expect to grow as teachers, if we don’t support the growth of every child.

Victoria Molyneux

Twin Falls

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