Me a sore loser? You bet! Hawkins got 51 percent but had 49 percent vote against her. Lanting had 55 percent but had 45 percent vote against him. It’s hardly a mandate!

The challengers votes were too split. They didn’t have $1,000 each, donated from the Realtors Association. I wonder if the winners will look at this as a huge victory or be concerned at all about the numbers that voted against them — it’s considerable. Hardly a vote of confidence; hardly a vote that the city is headed the right direction.

I remember one of our sheriffs lost by 20 some percent. He was more concerned about losing the 20 percent than the percent he won. He wondered, “Why?” Not this council, they are too arrogant, and they’ll keep marching to permanently ruin our community.

I fear this is the end for our community as far as being the quiet agriculture town it was. It’s probably the end of Twin Falls County as we know it. No use to go see the council about anything, might just as well go through the county commissioners. This council is for the immigrants, both legal and illegal.

It won’t work because it can’t work. Please keep an eye on this council and be ready for the next election.

Danny Crafton