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So we are quickly headed for the voting booths to elect leaders in Idaho. Let me beg you to research where these candidates stand as far as education in our state goes.

Right now we rank 50th out of 51 states … 50th out of 51. That means one more space down, and we will be known as the dumbest state in the Union. How did that happen? We ranked 12th when we were relying only on taxpayer money 30 years ago. Since then we have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the lotteries that was supposed to go directly to our education system. We have all that money, and our teachers are being paid lower wages than any of Idaho's surrounding states, and many are having to purchase a lot of their teaching supplies out of their own pockets.

Come on Idaho people, we are better than that. Don't you think it is time for a change? Show your love for our children and for this great state and vote for Paulette Jordan who has two sons in Idaho schools and chose to run for governor because she disliked where our current leaders stand on education.

Paulette's opponent is Brad Little who has served as Lieutenant Governor with Otter for the last 10 years while our education system was going so downhill. He may say he is for education, but his actions over the 10 years paint a much different picture.

I implore you to research this and then get involved with your vote. It counts.

Sue Harr


Editor's Note: Paulette Jordan's children do not attend school in Idaho. They attend school in Washington. 

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