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Letter: Done with Trump

Letter: Done with Trump

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Just went out (after dark) and took my Trump signs down! After the debacle today, it is almost beyond words how we will begin to control the anger that we felt when we saw what happened when the huge mob attacked our country's Capitol building. Every one of those people should have had to give their names and suffer the responsibility of repairing the destruction of the precious and timeless valuables that we had always given our pride and respect. And so much more that that, by threatening the lives of our country's elected representatives. And when we hear that some of the those people involved in the debacle have been the center of attention at the burnings and destruction that has plagued our cities during the summer! This is not acceptable for true American people. We have every right to do what we can to have the privilege of expecting our nation to remain "a light unto the world." But we do not have the right to go beyond the law for it to remain so. What we can do is honor our commitments as true citizens, honor our good chosen representatives, stand erect with our shoulders straight, show respect for our beautiful, meaningful flag, and give thanks to our creator for all our blessings. It is such a privilege to live in this promised land and remember the sacrifices that have been made for our privileges and blessings! And remember that you have heard this somewhere, "If we all pull together, that's the way we will heal."

Sue Child



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