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Don’t like what’s going on? Vote

I have seen a constant widening in the rift between the two or three major political parties. One, it seems, wants to do some good; and one just wants to do all it can to keep anything from happening, totally ignoring what they were elected to do.

I get so sick and tired of politicians on both sides not doing their job. That job simply is to do what is best for the country and the citizens. I realize the job is not simple, but the job description is. It seems the only objective for so many of them, any more, is: What can I get out of this, and what is best for my party? Sadly, greed and self-interest has taken priority in our political system.

I for one am not satisfied with the status that exists now, and no one else should be either. The only way this will change is if we change it. There are elections specifically for that purpose.

We as citizens need to realize and assert the fact that these people work for us, not the other way around. So, I am begging all of us to keep track of the ones on either side that do not have our best interest at heart and vote the out.

We need to speak up and to vote; that is our voice — to vote is our right and responsibility. We need to stop complaining and start doing something about it. We have the power of the vote. Let’s use it.

Ronald Price

Twin Falls

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