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Coach Watts should be ashamed of himself! I went to the Kimberly girls varsity basketball game Tuesday night against Filer. It was Senior Night. From my understanding, because of the "wonderful" (not!) coach there is only one senior that would actually play for him and that was because she wants a scholarship.

The stands were full of supporters there to watch her last game. I find out this is a girl who is really going far! I am talking Air Force Academy or West Point! The coach plays her for the first few minutes of the game, and she is the lead rebounder and scorer. Then she was benched. Senior Night! The only senior that will even play for you and you bench her on a Senior Night!

This coach should be ashamed of himself! How sad that you had to be told by the JV coach that you should do the right thing and put her in for at least the last minute and a half. Especially after the crowd was cheering for you to put her in. Maybe the JV coach should be coaching varsity. I bet you would have seniors that would play on the team then.

Believe me, Kimberly Athletic Department. There was a lot of talk in the stands and not just from Kimberly supporters. Both Kimberly and Filer supporters were shocked by the actions of this coach. Not a good representation for Kimberly.

In my opinion, the Kimberly Athletic Department needs to take a look at their coaches. Do they really want a coach that no one wants to play for? Seriously, coaches that are there for their own benefit and not those of the players should not be coaching. They just want the status of being a coach.

Kandie Bodrero



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