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I’ve got my bucket and my list, and I’m making a great big check mark right through the middle of one of my longest-running wishes — to perform in a ballroom dance show. I’m laughing and laughing. The night was magic, a lot like I’d imagined. Picture me dreaming “He twirled her round and round on that hardwood floor.” Even waiting till my hair turned gray has not diminished the ecstasy.

The occasion was Champagne Cabaret, a benefit dance-with-the-pro event May 18. Kaishon Hamann was the pro leading me through the choreography of my number “I Just Want To Dance With You” by country western great, George Strait.

Kaishon wouldn’t have been there, nor any of the other dancers, if not for the various aspects of XrossWay Ministries. The non-profit organization is the mind-gem of Clint Lutz who reconnected with professional dancers Chris and Samantha Simmons to build a concept, attending to the needs of people — spiritual, mental, physical and every age and stage of living. How I’d love to tell you their whole story someday.

The cabaret show was a benefit for Kaishon Hamann and Virginia Beikmann, young instructors trained by the Simmons. The two recruits have trained hard for the last couple of years and are very near to taking their certification exams which will qualify them as dance instructors on their own merit, wherever their colleges and futures take them.

How lucky is Twin Falls to have this caliber of dance experience and performance. More than a dozen numbers were presented to a very appreciative audience — dancers progressing from people like me to professional level.

Though part of the training for the next generation of pros, the show was a bucket-list achievement for me, and I’m still basking in the glow thanks to the gift of dance, and so much more, brought to realization by the Lutz’s and the Simmons’ not even three years ago. Twin Falls, this is big. Look for much more coming up.

Yee haw! (This from my Texas background, y’all.)

Ginny Greene,


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