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Brian Neudorf is a caring guy

Here’s the thing about Brian Neudorf: He cares. A lot.

He cared about me.

Last summer, I left KMVT after two years of reporting in the Magic Valley.

Throughout my time there, from the first day to the last, nobody cared about how I was doing like Brian.

At first, Brian would check on me and see how I was adjusting, then later check on me just as a person, coworker and — most importantly — friend.

He built me up, gave me confidence in my work by talking to me about my stories.

He helped me improve, taught me how to relax on camera and understand the Magic Valley where I had just moved after spending my entire life living in Utah.

Since I left Twin Falls, I have worked for three stations — two as a freelance photographer and now as a reporter for a cable news channel in Wisconsin. While everywhere I have worked has had friendly staff and good people, nobody has made the same effort towards my happiness and confidence as Brian.

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Brian cares about me, just like he cares about you.

I’m not convinced I saw Brian take an actual day off while I was at KMVT.

At least not a day where he wasn’t looking at the weather and posting about it on his social media pages — places he got to communicate with all of you.

I saw Brian work late into the night and come in hours before the sun would rise.

I saw him tracking snow storms on days off and brainstorming ways to illustrate just how hot it would be.

I didn’t even need to ask him why, it was so clear in any conversation I had with him.

He wanted you to know what he knew.

Jeffrey Dahdah

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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