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So, it has been two weeks since Rep. Mike Simpson gave his speech at Boise State that involved the 40-year-old Northwest Power Act 2.0, which includes all the northwestern states plus Montana, the belief or unbelief of climate change and how all of this affects his only seeing one salmon deposit her eggs in Marsh Creek.

Checking with the ranger service, the number of salmon getting to this creek has increased in the past 5 years, so that amounts to good management which Simpson seemed to overlook. He should have also rejoiced to see that salmon. It had passed the test to be the one to perpetuate its lineage.

Then he goes on to say that he believes that the problem is the hydro dams built on our rivers and climate change. He stated that "I am going to stay alive long enough to see salmon return to healthy populations in Idaho." We remember that he had that same determination as he wrangled a big part of our land into a national park. We did see on PBS a program about the While Cloud area. It was absolutely gorgeous from the plane, and that is the only way we will ever see it as it is a boon for hikers and no one else.

Then when the governor stood and said, "When it comes to salmon and steelhead, I want to state publicly right here this morning that I am in favor of breaching the status quo." Do they realize that breaching the dams will cease a good percentage of the farming done in our state? Really, are we to be subjected to another personal project that the senator wants as his legacy? Read the article in the April 25 paper — make up your own mind.

Sue Child


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