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I attended our Twin Falls City Council meeting where a local pastor proposed an ordinance to make abortion illegal within the city limits. Five of the council voiced agreement with the pastor. Yet they failed to consider it further due to a fear of litigation.

Their fear reminded me of the writings of Doug Dickerson, a nationally recognized leadership writer and speaker, who wrote “Four Leadership Lessons From the Founding Fathers.” He says, “Our Founding Fathers had the courage of convictions … They clung to and fought for the cause of 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of 'Happiness.’ Leadership … requires steady conviction in the face of incredible challenges. To say that our Founding Fathers were men of conviction would be an understatement, but all great leaders are.”

He continues, “The founders pledged to one another 'our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.' The leadership principle of sacrifice is not new. Our founders understood it well. And to that end, we understand that sacrificial leadership is selfless … No great accomplishment comes without sacrifice, and causes greater than self are the lasting ones … Today’s best leaders understand the power of sacrifice.”

Next, “The founders understood and valued the practice of faith … The founders recognized the truth that we are all 'created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights' by which we live our lives and practice our faith … Thoughtful leaders seek to be a blessing and to serve causes greater than self; wise ones remember the source.”

Dickerson emphasized, “It was through persecution, hardships and struggles whereby the founders rallied and mutually pledged their 'reliance on the protection of divine providence' in declaring our independence.” They had purpose.

Bravo to the pastor, Paul Thompson, who stood firm in his convictions and the three council members — Suzanne Hawkins, Nikki Boyd and Christopher Reed — who voted theirs.

Larry Kelley

Twin Falls

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