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I've watched the TV coverage of the animals belonging to Brian Jensen of Rupert who has been charged with animal cruelty. Law enforcement found a dead and very thin dog whose wire tether was so tangled that it could not reach water or shelter ... not that any was visible in the TV video.

So I submitted a public information request and the Minidoka's Sheriff Office clerk was very responsive. And today I received a three-page report. But what I didn't read in the report was more revealing that what I did read. Even though we now have a dead dog and Jensen has been charged with animal cruelty to be arraigned on Jan. 18, the remaining animals in the video are in need of care. The video showed thin dogs — dogs that were so wound up in chains that they could barely move 3 or 4 feet. Dogs chained up with no shelters and a horse that even through a winter coat appeared to be thin.

And what I did not read in the report was that no veterinarian had examined the remaining animals. And what I didn't read in the report was that there was going to be a follow-up regarding the welfare of the those animals. But what I did read was that the case has been closed.

A close examination of Idaho Statute Chapter 25 will show that there are indeed violations that need to been addressed regarding the care or lack therefore of the animals that have not yet died. My questions? Why has this case been closed? Why hasn't the state vet been called in to examine the animals? In fact, no vet has. It cost the county nothing. What is the rationale behind closing this case prematurely? Why won't the TV station release the raw video?

Andi Elliott


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