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Letter: Afghanistan exit and other thoughts

Letter: Afghanistan exit and other thoughts

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Unbelievably, the Biden Administration has created a hostage situation in Afghanistan when they surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists. The Wyoming mother of a dead Marine said the following: "Those of you that voted for Biden killed my son." Biden's open borders are allowing drugs & illegal immigrants into America. Unvetted Afghanistan refugees could be terrorists. Taliban has our weapons. Gas price has gone from $2.20 to $3.86 per gallon since Biden became president. Inflation is rapidly increasing with the large increase in the money supply.

Governor Little and Speaker Bedke violated their Constitutional oaths of office by not stopping the mandatory health care worker vaccinations. No one should be forced against their will to have a vaccination. We should support Janice McGeachin for Idaho governor and Priscilla Giddings for Lt. Governor.

Four dams on the Snake River must NOT be breached to supposedly save the salmon. There are approximately 300,000 Sea Lions, Indian gill nets, likely illegal fishing off the Oregon coast, and sea gulls and tern sanctuaries that likely kill thousands of salmon. Breaching will cause the loss of electricity, irrigation, transportation of Idaho grain and flood control.

Until 50 years ago the pine beetles, which are killing our forests, were controlled by the insecticide DDT that was banned by the EPA. President Clinton's Roadless Initiative makes it difficult fight fires. Also, endangered species like Spotted Owl have nearly stopped logging dead trees leading to a huge fire potential. We see the results.

Weather and climate are largely controlled by the sun and goes through regular cycles. George Mason at the Constitutional Convention said that if America stopped worshiping Jesus Christ as the Lord of the land, then Providence (God) would punish our country with natural disasters. Perhaps this is the cause of storms like Ida.

Adrian Arp



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