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Letter: A Voice for the Owyhee Wilderness

Letter: A Voice for the Owyhee Wilderness

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A Voice for the Owyhee Wilderness

The intention of the Owyhee Wilderness Area designation, established in 2009, is a timeless untrammeled gift. This Wilderness speaks in rarefied silence. These pristine vertical canyons are home to flora and fauna found nowhere else. The Owyhee Canyon’s airspace is home to the Peregrine falcon, Idaho’s state raptor.

I have witnessed jets flying below these canyon rims. Death and irreconcilable shock occurs by jets close to the fragile ecology, gratefully it’s illegal for your personal drone. Does a proposal for flying 100 feet above the ground constitute wilderness?

I’ve searched 40 years for wild Idaho experiences. The Owyhee is the last unspoiled desert canyon landscape in the lower 48.

Humans have the conscious ability to transmute a supersonic event. Wild creatures do not. The predator/prey relationships are delicate towards sound. The difference between life and death is a twig snapping or the slightest rattle of shale. What is the exponential effect on an animal when a jet breaks the sound barrier at close proximity or flys within 100 feet?

Having the lowering of military jet operations? “No thank you.” Abolish operations and avoid damaging wilderness with explosive noise and trash. Instead, organize removing the white chemrings and countermeasure chaff that’s trashing our designated wilderness. These fireballs descend to the ground, potentially igniting the sea of sagebrush teeming with sage-grouse.

This Wilderness epitomizes serving, protecting and preserving. Falcons, the original fighter jets, deserve their airspace. This land does not belong to us, we belong to it. Who speaks for this place, its belonging, the land and the creatures that inhabit it? I do. Do you?

“The human spirit desires places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man”

-author unknown

David LaMure Jr.



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