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Letter: A simple act of kindness

Letter: A simple act of kindness

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A simple act of kindness by one person can restore your faith in everyone.

During my walk through a Morning Sun neighborhood recently I fell. I scraped my nose, my right arm, my left knee and worst of all, broke my left wrist leaving a bone protruding. Unable to get up, I waited for somebody to happen by. Not long afterwards a car pulled into a driveway and someone saw me. Zach Davis was returning from work as a physical therapist at Wright Physical Therapy. He helped me get up, took me to his house, offered me water and provided first aid in a calm and caring manner. He offered to take me to the hospital immediately or to my home. He called my husband but not recognizing the phone number he didn’t answer. Zach helped me into his car and took me home repeatedly asking if I was OK.

After a year of thinking the world was full of selfish anti-vaxers and anti-maskers, I realize there are still kind unselfish people out there. Thank you Zach Davis.

Jane Slickers

Twin Falls


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